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Frasnian black shales
in the Ahnet Basin (Central Algeria)

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Frasnian organic-rich strata in North Africa

Lower Frasnian black shales have been deposited in many parts of North Africa and form an important hydrocarbon source rock in this region with TOC values of up to 14% (Boote et al. 1998). Little is published about Frasnian organic-rich strata, because most information from exploration activities remains confidential. A synthesis has been recently compiled by Luning et al. (in press).

Frasnian black shales in the Ahnet Basin (Central Algeria)

Frasnian black shales are exposed at the southern flanks of the Ahnet Basin. Contact with the underlying Givetian is particularly well exposed in the following seven sections. Click on the sections for a selection of field photographs. Horizon numbers refer to a manuscript submitted to Sedimentary Geology.