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Upper Cenomanian - lower Turonian
organic-rich strata in Tunisia

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The Cenomanian-Turonian organic-rich strata in Tunisia

The upper Cenomanian - lower Turonian (CT) in parts of Tunisia is organically rich and grouped into the Bahloul Formation.

The Cenomanian-Turonian in Oued Mellegue (see also Nederbragt & Fiorentino 1999). Bahloul Formation in centre of picture, left of softer yellowish unit (Fahdene Fm.). photo 94-7
Geographic coordinates (top of Bahloul section): 36°15'32,0"N, 8°36'07,8"E

Bahloul Formation (unit to the right), softer Annaba Fm. (slightly left of centre of picture/valley), Bireno Formation (hard, steep unit). Oued Mellegue, photo 94-8.


Cenomanian Fahdene Formation. Photo 94-4.

Typical alternation of hard, laminated, organic-rich limestones and marls in the Bahloul Formation. Oued Mellegue. Photo 94-2.


Laminated, organic-rich limestone, Bahloul Formation. Oued Mellegue. Photo 93-47


Hard, laminated, organic-rich limestones and marl in the Bahloul Formation. Oued Mellegue. Photo 94-1.


Organic-rich limestones of the Bahloul Formation in Oued Smara (35°45'34,3"N, 8°30'33,8"E). See Robaszynski et al. (1990) for geological details. Photo 94-13.

View of bedding plane of the Bahloul Formation in Oued Smara. Dipl. Geol. Sadat Kolonic for scale. Photo 94-14.

Bahloul Formation in Oued Smara. Large red numbers indicate stratigraphic level in section of Robaszynski et al. (1990) (painted by team of Robaszynski). Photo 94-15.